Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ornaments.... DONE!

Add one more finish to the list! I've finished 10 quilted Christmas ornaments. And it's not Dec 24th!!! Take THAT Craft Monster! :o)

I haven't kept track how long it's taken me to finish them. I know that I usually did them during marathon sewing sessions, aka Friday nights. Last Friday was all about making and pinning all the binding to the blocks. Then yesterday I was meaning to only sew one side of the binding on, but that first part is the hardest and when it's over, it's just a bit longer to actually finish the whole thing! Which is also why I was up until 11 pm. :o/  BUT they're finished! I just have to assign them to individual kids and write on the back my little dedication to them. "For so-and-so, Christmas 2011, Love, (Tia)Vio". Loving isn't it? :o) I was planning on appliqueing each kid's initial on the back, but that would have looked weird with the quilting. A permanent pen is also a lasting love. :o)

I used charm squares for the backs. They look like a bunch of pot holders. :o)
These two are my favorites. They might have to go to my two children. :o)

Next: 6 Christmas stockings, binding my niece's quilt, starting on my daughter's quilt and possibly my nephew's. Oh, and my husband bought me Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 for my birthday last month (yes, I know I'm not 13) and I want to start playing it! When I'm focused on one thing, I go all out. I know that if I start playing Harry Potter, I won't sew until I beat the game! So Craft Monster, let's get through Christmas first, then we can Expelliarmus to our heart's content. Deal? :o)

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