Friday, June 24, 2011


I can't believe it!!!! I actually won something!! :o) It's the best news to wake up to on a Friday morning. The lovely ladies at Quilt Taffy did a giveaway yesterday for some fat quarters of Kona solids in Snow, Ash, Tomato, and Aqua. I'm in love with gray right now, I suppose one always needs some white in their stash, and aqua and red are my #2 combination right now, right after orange and pink. :o) This can only mean the quilting spirits agree with me and I should definitely dedicate myself to this, right? I'll take it!

I have a super busy weekend coming up, but right after that I am going to kick Procrastination in the butt and I WILL start one of my many projects. I've read that you shouldn't put a timeline on your first project, but I kind of did already. Well, on both of my projects, really. When I was shopping for fabric last weekend, I pointed out to my best friend the Birdie Sling pattern I bought from Amy Butler. And I kind of, sort of, probably got too excited and offered to make her one too. And what do you know... she'll use it if I make her one, but could I have it ready for her birthday on July 16th? :o/ Eek!  And my second project (or first since it was happening before the purses?) is for Christmas. I originally figured "Hey, it's June, I could totally make 12 place mats before Christmas, right?". Well.... to quote my favorite cartoon of the moment, "Yes, yes I can". Okay, I'm an adult and shouldn't have a favorite cartoon... I blame it all on the kids. :o) I'm only missing some white solid for the center of my place mats and some Heat 'n Bond, and some fusible fleece for the purse. I should be able to get most of what I need this weekend, so I WILL get started. Soon. ;o)

On another note, my 7th wedding anniversary was on Monday. Yay us! And my husband, being the thoughtful man that he is, bought me quilting notions as my present! :o) Unfortunately, I already had most of them. :o( That's ok, though, he'll return them and get me either more fabric (which he won't let me pick out myself since it's supposed to be a present after all) or maybe a craft iron I can dedicate only to quilting.

So the lesson of the day is: Keep entering giveaways!!!! I had to start writing down everything I entered just in case I was supposed to go back to the website and give them my email address myself. I hope this is the start of something great!!! Eleven 11 Quilts!!! :o)

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