Saturday, June 18, 2011

I'm getting there!

This week was productive quilting-wise. On Wednesday I visited my first quilt store.  I had attempted to visit one in Renton last Thursday, but it's gone. Boo. This quilt store is in Kent, not too far from me, and NEW! The owner opened the shop not too long ago, so she doesn't have a lot of precuts yet, but I found "Flurry" by Kate Spain for Moda in bolts. Which meant.... I made my first fabric purchase!!! I bought two different patterned fabrics for backing and one more for the binding of my first quilt project. :o) I also bought a purse pattern from Amy Butler. I figured I need as much practice as possible, so I might as well get something for myself out of the bargain. :o)
I have decided to start "small". I don't want to go into a full on blanket yet, but I will be making place mats for Christmas! I found a recipe for place mats at the Moda Bake Shop. I fell in love with "Flurry"as soon as I saw it, so there was no more looking for me.
Also on Wednesday, I received my JoAnn mailer which informed me of... 50% off all quilting notions!!! I couldn't pass it up. Thursday was my second step into the quilt world. I started my stash with orange fat quarters for a future quilt for my son, bought a cutting mat, rotary cutter, rulers, basting pins, straight pins, and a book! I've been looking for The Practical Guide to Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman for about a week now, and I was super lucky that a) quilt books were 40% off, and b) I got the last Practical Guide! Whoo hoo!
I think I may be spoiled by the internet. I started learning about all the different fabric designers while reading different blogs and following links, so I was kind of disappointed by the fabric selection at JoAnn. :( There were *some* I wouldn't mind using on future projects, but it just wasn't all I was expecting. That's alright. I know at least that they carry Robert Kauffman's KONA cottons and I always have coupons! That's something.
Today was my biggest step, I would say.  I visited the Quilting Loft in Ballard while visiting my best friend. This store definitely took my breath away! It was everything I was expecting a quilt shop to be. They had all the fabrics I had made myself familiar with online (a little pricier, too, but I figure I save on shipping, right?), they have classes, patterns, notions, and lots and lots of fabric!! I found "Flurry" charm packs for my project, fabric for my purse (which has now turned into matching purses for the BFF and I) and a Central Park by Kate Spain quilt pattern complete with giraffe applique instructions for my daughter's future quilt!
It was a good quilting week. :o)

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