Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow day!

We don't get a lot of snow in the Seattle area. And when we do, we're wimpy about it! :o) Sure other places don't shut down with the "small" amount to snow that falls... BUT WE HAVE HILLS! Today's snowfall is not little by any means of the imagination. Parts of the area south of Seattle are getting 13"! That's crazy snow! I think my area, Seatac, got about a good 6". It's been such a storm that work was actually closed! Whoo hoo!
There's a street in there somewhere.

We started to get some snow Sunday and Monday so the kids, hubs and I had already gone out and built a snowman, and had several snowball fights. Seems like this storm wasn't for fun. We took a walk around the block and it took us an hour! Well, it was a long block, but still. That got the kids nice and tuckered out so I was able to sew for a couple of hours.

I've been sewing two things at once, my Swoon block and my daughter's sawtooth stars. I'm making flying geese for both and I'm using grey thread, so why not?! I can't be a true quilter without a couple of things going on at once, can I?

I call my daughter Poop-a-loops, Poopster, Poops. So this is a Poops Star.  She's only 5, I wonder how long I can keep it up. ;o)

Over the weekend, I also cut out all the fat quarters I bought for the Irish Chain Quilt. I laid out the strips in the pattern I thought I was using, but I think I may like the second one better. I'll have to lay them out and take another look.

I had a hard time squaring my Swoon2 HST to the supposed 3.5". I kind of fudged it and hope nobody is looking too hard. Unfortunately, I cut out a BUNCH of my background already, so I can't start cutting the rest of my blocks at 4" until I finish the 3 7/8" ones I already have. I'll just have to be SUPER careful when I piece from now on. So with that warning, don't look too closely. PLEASE.

I've decided that two blocks with off white/snow are enough. Asian prints can be so bold and vibrant that I want to bring more bold solids into the mix. Thankfully this snowmaggeddon has prevented me from going to my LQS to shop for more fabric. I have enough for 2 more, plus one print that's looking for a solid. I'm doing good, though! It's week two and I have completed two blocks.

Block 3 fabrics.

I'm semi ahead of myself, as I already cut out the fabric for block 3. I'm SO ahead of myself that I wore out my rotary blade that I installed last week! That's another thing that will have to wait until the snow melts. Oh well. Happy Snow Day!

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