Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Swooning Along

I've joined my fist quilt along hosted by Katy of I'm a Ginger Monkey. I had already mentioned that I wanted to work on the Swoon pattern I bought a bazillion years ago, and this Swoon Along just pushed me to get it started now instead of later. Of course, now that I'm so excited with it, I may have pushed my daughter's quilt further down the line. :o( BUT I'm not going to let that happen! I need to work on multiple things at a time. I've finished my Swoon block for the week, so I need to start cutting fabric for other projects.

My Swoon is going to be a King size, 16 blocks total. My husband dictated the fabrics. He wanted Asian prints, and I'm matching each with a coordinating solid. My original plan was to use Kona Ash as the background, but JoAnn didn't happen to have any, so I went with Kona Coal. I'm super happy with it, I just hope I bought enough! I have another 50% off coupon that's good next weekend. I'll have to make a trip. ;o)

I started cutting my fabric on Monday, right after I bought my background. I couldn't help it, I was too excited! I thought I cut enough Coal for two blocks, but alas, it was only one. I'll have to get on that tomorrow.

Block #1 Fabrics Kona Coal, Kona Snow, and random from Kona Bay Fabrics (I believe)

Block#2 Kona Coal, Random Christmas Red left over from Stockings and another Random print.
I was surprised how quickly the block came together! I'm just a beginner, having only done a handful of half square triangles and even fewer flying geese. Not counting cutting, I pieced the block together in two sessions of two hours. I did have a few hiccups. I started drawing the line for the HST on my 3.5" squares only to realize (when I was done) that I was doing it on the wrong ones!! I also had to think a little bit harder about my color placement since I was using a "white" for my "color 1" and the Coal for my "white" background. I hope I don't have that problem with the rest of the blocks. I pressed my seams open, first time doing that, so I think that's also why it took a little bit longer than the 2 hours Katy quoted on construction. I'm beyond excited on how it came out though!! 
 Isn't it gorgeous?! P.S. This is also the best picture of fabric I've EVER taken!

It's definitely addicting. I want to go shopping for the rest of my fabric NOW!! It will have to wait, though. :o( Back to work tomorrow... to do more daydreaming about quilting. :o)

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